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Acid Drops
Acid Drops  - A sour boiled sweet with a tangy lemon taste. Individually wrapped, ..
Aniseed Balls
Aniseed Balls sweets - Hard little balls, with a strong aniseed flavour. Aniseed Balls m..
Aniseed Twist
Aniseed Twist - An old favourite! These hard boiled sweets are full of aniseed flavour. So, ..
Apple Mega Sours
Apple Mega Sour - A seriously sour sweet inside & out! These apple flavoured green b..
Army and Navy
Paynes Army and Navy - A soothing liquorice tasting lozenge-shaped sweet. Paynes Army & ..
Barley Sugar
Barley Sugar - Remember that sweet tasting richness that only a barley sugar has? Made by Sw..
Blackcurrant and Liquorice
Blackcurrant and Liquorice - Two classic flavours that go together so well. A boiled swe..
Bulls Eyes
Bulls Eyes - A hard, round, black & white striped sweet with a great minty taste. Bu..
Buttermint Bon Bons
Buttermint Bonbons - For those of you who love a rich buttery-tasting sweet and mint combo, ..

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Butterscotch - Remember that smooth rich buttery taste that only Butterscotch sweets have?  ..
Cherry Mega Sours
Cherry Mega Sour - A seriously sour sweet inside & out! These cherry flavoured red b..
Chocolate Cinder Toffee
Chocolate covered Cinder Toffee - A light and airy sugar honeycomb with a chocolate flavour ..