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Delicious Retro & Old Fashioned Personalised Sweet Jars

As you'd expect from an old fashioned sweet shop (even if we are online!) we've got lots of tasty goodies for you to choose from - chocolate treats, liquorice sweets, jelly beans, flying saucers, bonbons, jars of assorted old fashioned Victorian sweets, funky retro sweets from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s. What’s your favourite???

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A Jar for Liquorice Lovers
"A Jar for Liquorice Lovers" If you love liquorice, then you're going to be in Liquorice heav..

A Jar from the Old Skool Days
"A Jar from the Old Skool Days" All those favourite nostalgic sweets from the "Old Skool Days..

A Jar of 50's Sweets
"A Jar of the 50's" The decade of Soda Fountains, Poodle Skirts & Rock ‘n’ Roll....for an..

A Jar of 60's Sweets
"A Jar of the 60's" Anyone who remembers the 60s decade, will probably remember the 60s was a..

A Jar of 70's Sweets
"A Jar of the 70's" What do you remember of The 70's?  The 70s was the decade of Discos,..

A Jar of 80's Sweets
A Jar of the 80's - One of our most popular retro sweet jars... Do you remember all these f..

A Jar of Chocolate Treats
"A Jar of Chocolate Treats" For nostalgic chocolate lovers everywhere... this jar is for you!..

A Jar of Fizzy Cola Bottles
"A Jar of Fizzy Cola Bottles" Think fizzy jelly bottles full of Cherry Cola flavour... and Co..

A Jar of Flying Saucers
"A Jar of Flying Saucers" If you can't get enough of Flying Saucers, you can now get them in ..

A Jar of Jelly Beans
"A Jar of Jelly Beans" If Jelly Beans are your thing, then this jar is crammed full of them! ..

A Jar of Jelly Sweets
"A Jar of Jelly Sweets" Think jelly bears... midget gems... jelly beans...jelly babies... mil..

A Jar of Liquorice Torpedoes
"A Jar of Liquorice Torpedoes" If you can't get enough of liquorice torpedoes, you can now ge..