70's Sweets

Retro Sweets from the 1970s

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Lemon Bonbons
Lemon Bonbons - A soft & chewy lemon flavoured bonbon sweet.   ..
Liquorice Comfits
Liquorice Comfits - Liquorice encased in a crunchy outer.  Just think of these sweets a..
Liquorice Torpedoes
Taveners Liquorice Torpedoes - A hard, crunchy outer encases a soft & chewy liquori..
Love Hearts
Love Hearts sweets - The original Love Hearts sweets, made by Swizzels Matlow, wrapped in a Giant..
Milk Bottles
Milk Bottles sweets  - Little bottle shaped gums that taste milky.   For ..
Milk Gums
Milk Gums  - Dusted milk bottle shaped gums, made by Barratt... a real favourite.  ..

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Milk Teeth
Barratts Milk Teeth - Remember these?  They're back!  Chewy vanilla and strawberry ..
Refreshers Lemon Bars
Refreshers Chew Bars (Original Lemon flavour) - Original Lemon flavour chew bar with a sherbet ce..
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles - With 5 different flavours... orange, blackcurrant, strawberry, lemon ..
Sherbet Fountains
Sherbet Fountains - An absolute retro classic, now in a plastic yellow tube filled with zingy she..
Shrimps - A raspberry flavour soft and chewy jelly foam sweet favourite, shaped like..... you've ..
Sweet Tobacco (aka Spanish Gold)
Sweet Tobacco - Delicious sweet coconut strips dusted in chocolate powder. Also used to be kn..