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Chocolate Sweets Wave Gift Box.

A nostalgic collection of chocolate sweets, arranged in a superb high-quality gift box, that just oozes premiumness.

Inside, the gift box is chock-a-block full of a great assortment of chocolate sweet favourites:

Caramac, 1 bar
Chocolate Fruits, 200g
Coconut Mushrooms, 200g
Cadbury's Wispa, 1 bar
Chocolate Cinder Toffee,150g
Chewing Nuts, 200g
Chocolate Coins, 10 coins
Chocolate Fudge, 200g
Curly Wurly, 2 bars
Fish 'n' Chips, 200g
Icy Cups (aka Foiled Ice Cups), 150g
Frys Turkish Delight, 1 bar
Milk Chocolate Beans, 200g
Milk Chocolate Raisins, 200g
Mini Speckled Eggs, 200g
Poppets - Chewy Toffee, 2 packets
Terrys Chocolate Orange Bar,  2 bars
Toffee Crumble, 200g
Whip, 1
Mint Chocolate Nibbles, 200g
Brown Gems (aka Jazzies), 200g

Personalise the Gift Box with your own greeting, so whether you want to say “Happy Birthday”, “Thank You”, “Congratulations” or “Good Luck“ it will put a smile on their face when they receive it.  

You can also include a Gift Card that you can personalise with your own message too!
Filled, the Chocolate Sweets Luxury Gift Box weighs over 3.5kg (that’s nearly 8lbs!), and measures 31cm (length) x 23cm (width) x 11cm (height).

Finally, the bold colour combination a kraft base and bright metallic red lid, finished with a gorgeous neon orange ribbon, gives this gift box a strikingly superior look.

Allergen Information May contain nut traces

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