Retro Sweets CHRISTMAS Pyramid

A unique Christmas gift idea that’s perfect for sharing!

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Christmas Retro Sweets Pyramid

This stunning Christmas gift has three tiers – each one packed with delicious sweet treats with a sprinkling of Christmas cheer along the way.  There’s the Soft & Chewy tier, followed by the Sherbet & Candy tier and to top it off, there’s the Christmas chocolate box tier.

Bottom Tier – Soft & Chewy

American Hard Gums, 200g
Fruit Salad, 200g
Jelly Beans, 200g
Foam Bananas, 200g
Fizzy Cola Bottles, 200g
Jelly Babies, 200g
Flumps, x1
Refreshers Chew Bar, x1
Wham Bar, x1
Chewits, x1

Middle Tier – Sherbet & Candy

Sherbet Lemons, 200g
Flying Saucers, x30
Candy Sticks, 200g
Refreshers Chews, 200g
Sherbet Fountains, 1
Mini Candy Canes, x6

Top Tier – Christmas Chocolate Box

Christmas Character Chocolates, 200g
Whip, x1
Terry’s chocolate Orange Bar, x1
Chocolate Coins, x2 nets

Filled with all those sweet treats, the Christmas Retro Sweet Pyramid weighs 2.9kg (that’s over 6lbs).

These high-quality traditional-themed Christmas Gift Boxes have a rich red base with a snowflake print.  Each one is topped with a cream festive lid of mini candy canes & Christmas baubles, sprinkled with … of course…. a little bit of snowy glitter!  Beautifully gift wrapped with a red & gold ribbon, together with a personalised gift card, gives this gift the perfect finishing touch.

It’s a unique Christmas gift idea that’s perfect for sharing amongst family or friends, work colleagues and clients alike.

Gift Box Sizes:
Bottom Tier: 19L x 19W x 9D cm's
Middle Tier: 17L x 17W x 8D cm's
Top Tier: 14L x 14W X 7D cm's

Allergen Information May contain nut traces

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