Individually wrapped vanilla flavour fluffy mallow twist!   Glucose-fructose syrup, Sugar, Water, Pork Gelatine, Cornflour, Natural Flavouring, Natural...
A light and airy sugar honeycomb. Crisp and bubbly Cinder Toffee is one of those traditional and old-fashioned...
Remember these?  They're back!  Chewy vanilla and strawberry flavour teeth-shaped gums of our early years. Vanilla & Strawberry...
Soft and chewy nougat chunks with pieces of almonds.  Lonka's Almond Nougat is so delicious, you just can't...
Thick, creamy toffee slabs .. Just the way it ought to be! Made by Walkers Nonsuch, these Original...
A melt in the mouth Scottish favourite!  Rich, smooth and creamy… and it's handmade.  So delicious.... you just...
A soft and chewy toffee flavoured bonbon sweet.   Sugar Dusted Toffee Flavoured Chewy Sweets Sugar, Glucose Syrup,...
Old English vanilla flavoured fudge by Lonka. Lonka's Vanilla Fudge is rich and creamy. In fact the vanilla...
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