Liquorice Sweets

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Liquorice Sweets Box - Large
LARGE Liquorice Sweets Gift Box "A Box for Liquorice Lovers" A liquorice sweet selectio..
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Liquorice Sweets Box - Medium
Medium Liquorice Sweet Gift Box Hamper "A Box for Liquorice Lovers" A liquorice sweet sele..
Liquorice Sweets Cube
Large Liquorice Sweets Cube Indulge your love of liquorice with this unique Liquorice Sweets ..
Liquorice Sweets Wooden Chest - Medium
Medium Wooden Chest of Liquorice Sweets.   A superb, wooden treasure chest with a liqu..
A Jar for Liquorice Lovers - Large
"A Jar for Liquorice Lovers" - Large Sweet Jar For lovers of all things Liquorice!! Torpe..
A Jar for Liquorice Lovers - Medium
"A Jar for Liquorice Lovers" If you love liquorice, then you're going to be in Liquorice heav..
A Jar for Liquorice Lovers - Small
"A Jar for Liquorice Lovers" - Small Sweet Jar If you know someone who loves liquorice, then ..
Black and White Mints
Black and White Mints - A great combination of delicious liquorice and layers of minty fondant sa..
Blackcurrant and Liquorice
Blackcurrant and Liquorice - Two classic flavours that go together so well. A hard boile..
Cherry Wheels
Cherry Wheels - A long cable of cherry flavour liquorice coiled round.. and round.. and roun..
Coconut Rolls
Coconut Rolls - From the liquorice allsorts selection. Pink and yellow coconut rolls wit..
Coltsfoot Rock
Coltsfoot Rock - Tasty, brittle sticks of rock flavoured with Coltsfoot (which is a plant with ho..