Liquorice Sweets

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Lime and Liquorice
Lime and Liquorice - A great combination of refreshing lime and liquorice flavours.  Th..
Lions Liquorice Gums
Lion's Liquorice Gums - Deliciously hard liquorice flavoured gums sweets. Made by Lions,..
Liquorice Allsorts
Liquorice Allsorts - All the traditional liquorice allsorts sweet selection…. jelly spogs (o..
Liquorice Assortment
Liquorice Assortment - Liquorice & assorted fruit flavoured boiled sweets. For those..
Liquorice Catherine Wheels
Liquorice Catherine Wheels - A long lace of liquorice wrapped around a jelly spog. The c..
Liquorice Comfits
Liquorice Comfits - Liquorice encased in a crunchy outer.  Just think of these sweets a..
Liquorice Cream Rock
Liquorice Cream Rock - Delicious soft liquorice wrapped around an assortment of fruit-flavou..
Liquorice Cuttings
Liquorice Cuttings - Bite-sized pieces of soft black liquorice. Twisted or untwisted, th..
Liquorice Flowers
Liquorice Flowers - An assortment of fruit and chocolate flavour fondant wrapped in a layer of li..
Liquorice Flyers
Liquorice Flyers - Deliciously chewy soft liquorice sticks with a sherbety crystal filling, ..
Liquorice Pipes
Liquorice Pipes - A real liquorice sweet classic - the Liquorice Pipe.  Shaped like..
Liquorice Stripes - Banana
Banana Liquorice Stripes - A delicious combination of banana and liquorice, layered together in t..

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