Nostalgic Sweets

Dip into the past and taste a bit of sweet nostalgia.  Whether your favourite sweets are Boiled & Crunchy, Soft & Chewy, Sherbet & Candy, Fudge & Chocolate, we have a huge selection for you to choose from.  

Boiled & Crunchy Sweets   Soft and Chewy sweets   Sherbet & Candy Sweets     Fudge and Chocolate Sweets
Boiled & Crunchy Sweets   Soft & Chewy
  Sherbet & Candy Sweets   Fudge & Chocolate Sweets

There’s also a great range of nostalgic Jar of Sweets, Gift Box Hampers, Wicker Hampers and Wooden Boxes too!  You can also create your own jar of nostalgic sweets and Fill Your Own Sweet Jar with all your favourites.   They make great gifts too, for any sweet-tooth friend or relative, whatever the occasion.

  Special Occasion Sweet Jars   Fill Your Own Sweet Jar
Retro Sweet Jars   Special Occasion Jars   Fill Your Own Sweet Jar
Wicker Hampers   Gift Boxes   Wooden Gift Boxes

With hundreds of nostalgic sweets that you’ll remember and great gifts too, take a trip down memory lane and transport yourself back to your childhood days.