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Sherbet Pips
Sherbet Pips - Little pink & yellow sherbetty sweets. Made by Barnetts, these sherbet pip..
Sherbet Strawberries
Sherbet Strawberries - Inside the hard strawberry flavour casing you'll find a fizzy sherbet cent..
Strawberry & Cream Pips
Strawberry & Cream Pips - These pips are full of strawberry & cream flavour….and so ..
Strawberry and Cream
Strawberrys & Cream sweets - A traditional hard-boiled sweet with a classic flavour combinati..
Sugar free Fizzy Dandelion and Burdock
Sugar-free Fizzy Dandelion & Burdock - A classic combo, without the sugar, but with a li..
Sugar free Large Pear Drops
Sugar-free Large Pear Drops - Sugar free fruit flavoured sweets with sweetener.  They look s..
Sugar free Rhubarb and Custard
Sugar-free Rhubarb and Custard - Sugar free fruit flavoured sweets with sweetener.  A cl..

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Sugared Almonds
Sugared Almonds - Almonds encased in a crisp sugar coating. They'd make great wedding favours..
Sweet Peanuts
Sweet Peanuts - Individually wrapped peanut-flavour peanut-shaped sweets. ..
Tongue Painter Lollipops
Tongue Painter Lollies - Assorted fruit flavoured lollipops that will paint your tongue red, blue..
Traffic Light Lollies
Traffic Light Lollies - Red, yellow and green lollipops, individually wrapped. It's all in the na..
Uncle Joe's Mint Balls
Uncle Joe's Mint Balls 'keep you all aglow' - Hand-made minty sweets that have been made the same..