White Chocolate & Candy

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Assorted Toffees and Eclairs
Walkers NonSuch Assorted Toffees & Milk Chocolate Éclair Mix - Think banana split eclairs, da..
Fish 'n' Chips
White Chocolate Fish 'n' Chips That creamy white chocolate taste in the shape of one of our t..
Giant Pink and White Mice
Giant Pink and White Mice - A mix of rich, creamy white chocolate flavour candy mice and str..
Giant White Mice
Giant White Mice - The mummies and daddies of our smaller White Mice.  We stock bot..
Porky Pigs
Porky Pigs - Strawberry flavoured candy sweets with piggy faces. Some Porky Pigs are happy.....
Snowies (aka White Gems or White Jazzles)
Snowies (aka White Gems or White Jazzles)  - white chocolate flavour buttons with sprinkles ..
Spinning Tops
Spinning Tops - Strawberry & cream flavoured cone-shaped candy sweets, with a sprinkling..
White Mice
White Mice sweets - Small, creamy chocolate flavour candy white mice.... a real favourite. We..