Hard Candy

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ABC Alphabet Letters
ABC Alphabet Letters  - An old retro sweet favourite. ABC Alphabet Letters are frui..
Candy Necklaces
Candy Necklaces - Remember wearing these as a child and nibbling one candy jewel from the ne..
Candy Watches
Candy Watches (individually wrapped) - Remember wearing these as a child and nibbling one candy j..
Candy Whistles
Candy Whistles - Fruity flavoured candy in plastic whistles. These candy whistles have an ea..
Double Lollies
Double Lollies - A hard, chalky lolly with two fruit flavours on a stick. Double Lollies..
Edinburgh Rock
Edinburgh Rock sweets - So crumbly… so soft…. & slowly melts in your mouth. Edi..
Fizzers - These are the original fizzy sweets.  Wrapped into little rolls, these small ..
Jawbreaker - Fireball
Fireball Jawbreaker - Hot, almost cinnamon-like, hard candy balls with a Bubble Gum centre. ..
Jawbreaker - Tropical
Tropical Jawbreaker - Tropical fruit flavoured hard candy gobstoppers with a Bubble Gum Centre.&n..
Love Hearts
Love Hearts sweets - The original Love Hearts sweets, made by Swizzels Matlow, wrapped in a Giant..
Love Hearts Lipsticks
Love Hearts Lipsticks sweets  - A fruit flavoured candy lipstick sweet in a plastic cas..
Mini Candy Canes
Mini Candy Canes - Little festive peppermint flavoured candy canes. Individually wrapped, th..