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Black and White Mints
Black and White Mints - A great combination of delicious liquorice and layers of minty fondant sa..
Black Jack chews
Black Jack chews - Remember these? Black Jacks are those aniseedy flavoured chews that make ..
Coconut Rolls
Coconut Rolls - From the liquorice allsorts selection. Pink and yellow coconut rolls wit..
Hard Liquorice Sticks
Bassetti/Hard Liquorice Sticks - These hard liquorice sticks are a true classic. Made fr..
Jelly Spogs  (Jelly Buttons)
Jelly Buttons (aka Jelly Spogs) - Jelly Buttons are those aniseed jelly sweets covered with ..
Lions Liquorice Gums
Lion's Liquorice Gums - Deliciously hard liquorice flavoured gums sweets. Made by Lions,..
Lions Poor Bens
Lions Poor Bens - A combination of liquorice & aniseed flavoured gums. They're hard but ..

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Lions Wine Gums
Lions Wine Gums - An old favourite .......still as delicious as ever. Made by Lions, the..
Liquorice Allsorts
Liquorice Allsorts - All the traditional liquorice allsorts sweet selection…. jelly spogs (o..
Liquorice Catherine Wheels
Liquorice Catherine Wheels - A long lace of liquorice wrapped around a jelly spog. The c..
Liquorice Cream Rock
Liquorice Cream Rock - Delicious soft liquorice wrapped around an assortment of fruit-flavou..
Liquorice Cuttings
Liquorice Cuttings - Bite-sized pieces of soft black liquorice. Twisted or untwisted, th..