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Scottish Tablet
Scottish Tablet - A melt in the mouth Scottish favourite!  Rich, smooth and creamy… and it's..
Shrimps - A raspberry flavour soft and chewy jelly foam sweet favourite, shaped like..... you've ..
Smiles (aka Smiley Faces)
Smiles...  Smilies.... or Smiley Faces Jelly Sweets - Fruit flavoured hard jelly gums. Each ..
Smiley Mallows
Smiley Mallows - Big squidgey vanilla flavoured marshmallows with happy smiling faces. Will b..

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Softies Sweets - A mix of individually wrapped fruit flavour chewy candy sticks.  There's fo..
Sour Apples
Sour Apples sweets - Sugar-coated apple shaped jelly sweets with a tongue-tingling sour taste. ..
Sour Strawberry Bites
Sour Strawberry Bites sweets - Sour sugar-coated candy, strong on strawberry flavour with a cream..
Spearmint Chews
Spearmint Chews - Spearmint tasting chewy sweets. They're cool minty flavoured and deliciously ch..
Strawberry Bonbons
Strawberry Bonbons - A soft & chewy sugar dusted strawberry flavoured bonbon sweet. &n..
Strawberry Milkshakes
Strawberry Milkshake Bottles - Soft chewy bottle shaped gums with a fab strawberry & van..
Strawberry Pencils
Strawberry Pencils - Deliciously chewy candy pencils, with a fondant centre.  They're full o..
Strawberry Pencils - Mini Ones!
Mini Strawberry Pencils - Soft and chewy bite-size pieces, full of strawberry flavour.   ..