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Candy Sticks
Candy Sticks - A real favourite childhood sweet.  These Candy Sticks are soft and as mo..
Cherry Lips
Cherry Lips  - Small lip-shaped scented gum sweets with a distinctive cherry flavour. ..
Cherry Sticks
Cherry Sticks - Soft & chewy cherry flavour sticks with a fondant centre..  Delicious! ..
Cherry Wheels
Cherry Wheels - A long cable of cherry flavour liquorice coiled round.. and round.. and roun..
Chewits - Strawberry
Chewits - Chewits were one of the first chewy sweets to hit the streets!  They've been aroun..
Coconut Ice / Raspberry Coconut Crumble
Coconut Ice / Raspberry Coconut Crumble - A real favourite sweet treat amongst coconut lovers. ..
Coconut Logs
Coconut Logs - Soft and squidgy marshmallow dippped in a chocolate flavoured coating and spr..
Coconut Mushrooms
Coconut Mushrooms Mushroom-shaped chocolate flavoured candy with a delicious coconut coating..
Coconut Rolls
Coconut Rolls - From the liquorice allsorts selection. Pink and yellow coconut rolls wit..
Cola Bottles
Smooth Cola Bottles  - Cola flavoured little bottles without the sugar coating... but j..
Curly Wurly
Cadburys Curly Wurly  -  The Curly Wurly has been around since the 1970's.  Covere..
Dew Drops
Dew Drops - An assortment of fruity flavoured little jelly domes with a sugar coating. D..