Soft & Chewy

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Dolly Mixtures
Dolly Mixtures - This traditional retro sweet has been around for decades.  With a mix ..
Drumsticks Chewy Lollies
Drumstick Chewy Lollies - The original raspberry and milk flavoured chewy sweet lolly. ..
Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles - Pink and blue bubblegum flavour fizzy jelly bottles.  These t..
Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles
Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles  - Fizzy jelly bottles full of tongue-tingling cherry cola fl..
Fizzy Cola Bottles
Fizzy Cola Bottles - Fizzy jelly bottles full of tongue-tingling cola flavour. These fiz..
Fizzy Jelly Mix
Fizzy Jelly Mix  -  Sugar-coated, sour fruit flavour jelly sweets in all sorts of shape..
Fizzy Jelly Snakes
Fizzy Jelly Snakes  - Sour fruit flavour snake-shaped jelly sweets.  Fizzy jelly s..
Fizzy Peaches
Fizzy Peaches sweets - Sugar-coated peach flavoured jelly sweets with a tongue-tingling taste. ..
Fizzy Sour Dummies
Fizzy Sour Dummies  -  Sugar-coated, fizzy and fruit-flavoured sour gums sweets…... sha..
Fizzy Strawberries
Fizzy Strawberries - Strawberry-shaped jelly sweets with a fabulous fizzy strawberry flavour..
Fizzy Twin Cherries
Fizzy Twin Cherries sweets - Sugar-coated, sour cherry flavour jelly sweets.  They’re delici..
Floral Gums
Floral Gums - These little hard gums have a floral scent that makes them soooo unique. ..