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Jelly Beans
Jelly Beans - A mix of fruity flavour soft & chewy jelly sweets...what more is there to ..
Jelly Berries
Jelly Berries sweets  - Raspberry and blackcurrant flavour jelly sweets with a nonparei..
Jelly Bones
Jelly Bones - Fruity bone-shaped jelly sweets. Try them, they're very tasty! ..
Jelly Gummi Bears
Jelly Gummi Bears - Cute little teddy bear shaped jelly gummi sweets .... soft , chewy and f..
Jelly Love Hearts
Barratt Pink & White Jelly Hearts - A mix of fruity flavoured pink & white hearts. T..
Jelly Mix
Jelly Mix sweets - An assortment of different shaped jelly sweets, all mixed together. ..
Jelly Snakes
Jelly Snakes sweets - Fruit flavoured jelly sweets in the shape of slippery, slithery snakes! ..
Jelly Spogs  (Jelly Buttons)
Jelly Spogs (aka Jelly Buttons) - Jelly Spogs are those aniseed jelly sweets covered with ti..
Jelly Tots
Rowntree's Jelly Tots - Little jelly domes with a sugar coating. They're made with 25% fruit..
Juicy Lips
Juicy Lips - Lip-shaped jelly sweets. Juicy Lips are soft and chewy fruit flavoured jelly sw..
Lemon Bonbons
Lemon Bonbons - A soft & chewy lemon flavoured bonbon sweet.   ..
Lions Football Gums
Lions Football Gums - Hard fruit flavour gums in all sorts of shapes of balls, boots, shirts....&..