Retro Sweets

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Liquorice Wheels
Liquorice Wheels - A long cable of liquorice coiled round.. and round.. and round. Liquo..
Love Hearts
Love Hearts sweets - The original Love Hearts sweets, made by Swizzels Matlow, wrapped in a Giant..
Love Hearts Dip
Love Hearts Dip - Dip your candy floss flavoured Love Hearts stick into 3 different flavoure..
Love Hearts Lipsticks
Love Hearts Lipsticks sweets  - A fruit flavoured candy lipstick sweet in a plastic cas..
Mallow Mix
Mallow Mix - A big, squidgy marshmallow selection. Mallow Mix is full of twists and shap..
Mega Sour Apple
Apple Mega Sours - A seriously sour sweet inside & out! These apple flavoured green balls..
Mega Sour Cherry
Cherry Mega Sour - A seriously sour sweet inside & out! These cherry flavoured red b..
Mega Sour Lemon
Lemon Mega Sour - A seriously sour sweet inside & out! These lemon flavoured balls h..
Midget Gems
Midget Gums - Chewy, juicy little gums in different fruit flavours. If you're looking fo..
Milk Bottles
Milk Bottles sweets  - Little bottle shaped gums that taste milky.   For ..
Milk Chocolate Beans
Milk Chocolate Beans - Fab milk chocolate encased in a crispy sugary shell. ..
Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts
Milk Chocolate Brazil Nuts - Lovely large brazil nuts encased in milk chocolate. ..