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All Your Favourite Sweets from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s

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Milk Gums
Milk Gums  - Dusted milk bottle shaped gums, made by Barratt... a real favourite.  ..
Milk Teeth
Barratts Milk Teeth - Remember these?  They're back!  Chewy vanilla and strawberry ..
Millions Apple Sweets
Apple Millions Sweets - The tiny tasty chewy sweets with an Apple flavour.  These apple flav..
Millions Bubblegum Sweets
Bubblegum Millions Sweets - The tiny tasty chewy sweets with a bubblegum flavour.  They tast..
Millions Lemon Sweets
Lemon Millions Sweets - The tiny tasty chewy sweets with a lemon flavour.  They taste great ..

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Millions Strawberry Tubes
Strawberry Millions Tubes - The tiny tasty strawberry chewy sweets in a tube.  Each tube con..
Mini Candy Canes
Mini Candy Canes - Little festive peppermint flavoured candy canes. Individually wrapped, th..

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Mini Love Hearts
Mini Love Hearts - The original Love Hearts sweets, made by Swizzels Matlow, wrapped in a mi..
Mini Marshmallows
Mini Marshmallows - Tiny soft and spongy pink, peach & white marshmallows. Slip a fe..
Mini Me Chew Bars
Mini Me Assorted Chew Bars - All the favourite chew bars mixed up together... and miniature sized..
Mint Chocolate Nibbles
Mint Chocolate Nibbles - Minty nibbles with real milk chocolate, caramel and dusted with cocoa po..
Mint Humbugs
Mint Humbugs - A traditional minty flavoured hard boiled sweet.  With a crispy brown st..