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Walkers Original Creamy Toffee Slabs
Walkers NonSuch Original Toffee Slabs - Thick, creamy toffee slabs .. Just the way it ought to be..
Walkers Treacle Toffee Slabs
Walkers Treacle Toffee Slabs - Thick, creamy treacle toffee slabs .. Just the way it ought to be!..
Wham Bars - Original Raspberry flavour
Original Raspberry Wham Bars - Absolutely Fabulous.... tongue-tingling chewy bars with fizzzzzzzz..
Wham Mini Chew Bars
Assorted Wham Mini Chew Bars - Tongue-tingling mini chewy bars with fizzzzzzzzzzzzy bits!  A..

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Whip  Lose yourself in a …. Whip!  A milk chocolate whirl with a fondant cream cent..
White Mice
White Mice sweets - Small, creamy chocolate flavour candy white mice.... a real favourite. We..
Winter Mixture
Winter Mixture - Individually wrapped hard boiled sweets with an assortment of flavours.  ..
Yorkshire Mixture
Yorkshire Mixture - An assortment of fruit flavour sweets in all shapes and sizes... you'll have ..