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Retro Sweets Wooden Chest - Medium
Medium Wooden Chest of Retro Sweets.   With a selection of 18 different sweets inside,..
Wicker Sweets Hamper - Large
Large Wicker Sweets Hamper "Good Old Fashioned Sweet Nostalgia" An old fashioned sweet mix ..
Wicker Sweets Hamper - Medium
Medium Wicker Sweets Hamper "A Hamper of Sweet Nostalgia" A mix of all those old fashioned ..
A Jar of 50s Sweets
"A Jar of the 50's" The decade of Soda Fountains, Poodle Skirts & Rock ‘n’ Roll....for an..
A Jar of 60s Sweets
"A Jar of the 60's" Anyone who remembers the 60s decade, will probably remember the 60s was a..
A Jar of 70s Sweets
"A Jar of the 70's" What do you remember of The 70's?  The 70s was the decade of Discos,..
A Jar of 80s Sweets
A Jar of the 80's One of our most popular Retro Sweet Jars...   Do you remember all ..
A Jar of Retro Love
"A Jar of Retro Love" This large jar is full of all sorts of sweets for the retro romantics……..
A Jar of Retro Sweets
"A Jar of Retro Sweets" A popular mix of delicious retro sweets packed into a stylish sweet s..
Boiled Sweets CHRISTMAS Gift Box
Boiled Retro Sweets Christmas Gift Box A great Christmas gift box filled with some of the fav..
Chews & Jelly Sweets CHRISTMAS Gift Box
Chews & Jelly Retro Sweets Christmas Gift Box A great mix of chewy chews & juicy jell..
Chocolate Sweets CHRISTMAS Gift Box
Christmas Chocolate Gift Box Looking for a Christmas gift that’s sure to raise a smile and ta..