Banana flavour

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Bananas - Chocolate coated
Milk Chocolate coated Bananas - Covered with a smooth milk chocolate, these candy foam bananas ab..

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Bumper Bananas
Bumper Bananas - Soft foam sweets that are a bumper 7cm long and they're full of banana flav..
Foam Bananas
Foam Bananas (aka Banana Mallows) - Small soft foam sweets and they're full of banana flavou..
Liquorice Flowers
Liquorice Flowers - An assortment of fruit and chocolate flavour fondant wrapped in a layer of li..
Liquorice Stripes - Banana
Banana Liquorice Stripes - A delicious combination of banana and liquorice, layered together in t..
Mini Me Chew Bars
Mini Me Assorted Chew Bars - All the favourite chew bars mixed up together... and miniature sized..