Cream flavour

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Coconut Logs
Coconut Logs - Soft and squidgy marshmallow dippped in a chocolate flavoured coating and spr..
Fish 'n' Chips
White Chocolate Fish 'n' Chips That creamy white chocolate taste in the shape of one of our t..
Giant Pink and White Mice
Giant Pink and White Mice - A mix of rich, creamy white chocolate flavour candy mice and str..
Spinning Tops
Spinning Tops - Strawberry & cream flavoured cone-shaped candy sweets, with a sprinkling..
Strawberry & Cream Pips
Strawberry & Cream Pips - These pips are full of strawberry & cream flavour….and so ..
Strawberry and Cream
Strawberrys & Cream sweets - A traditional hard-boiled sweet with a classic flavour combinati..
Whip  Lose yourself in a …. Whip!  A milk chocolate whirl with a fondant cream cent..