Lemon flavour

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Liquorice Flyers
Liquorice Flyers - Deliciously chewy soft liquorice sticks with a sherbety crystal filling, ..
Love Hearts Dip
Love Hearts Dip - Dip your candy floss flavoured Love Hearts stick into 3 different flavoure..
Mega Sour Lemon
Lemon Mega Sour - A seriously sour sweet inside & out! These lemon flavoured balls h..
Midget Gems
Midget Gums - Chewy, juicy little gums in different fruit flavours. If you're looking fo..
Millions Lemon Sweets
Lemon Millions Sweets - The tiny tasty chewy sweets with a lemon flavour.  They taste great ..

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Mini Me Chew Bars
Mini Me Assorted Chew Bars - All the favourite chew bars mixed up together... and miniature sized..
Candyland Refreshers sweets - Pastel coloured fruit flavoured fizzy sweets wrapped in a roll. The..
Refreshers Chews
Refreshers Chews - the original zingy lemon flavoured chewy sweet, with a fizzy sherbet centre. ..
Refreshers Lemon Bars
Refreshers Chew Bars (Original Lemon flavour) - Original Lemon flavour chew bar with a sherbet ce..
Rowntree Fruit Gums
Rowntrees Fruit Gums - A seriously fruity chew made with 25% juice and they have 5 different flav..
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles - With 5 different flavours... orange, blackcurrant, strawberry, lemon ..
Sherbet Lemons
Sherbet Lemons - Individually wrapped hard boiled sweets with a lemon flavour shell and a fizzy s..