Strawberry flavour

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Strawberry Pencils
Strawberry Pencils - Deliciously chewy candy pencils, with a fondant centre.  They're full o..
Strawberry Pencils - Mini Ones!
Mini Strawberry Pencils - Soft and chewy bite-size pieces, full of strawberry flavour.   ..
Tooty Frooties
Rowntree's Tooty Frooties - Little square-shaped sweets with a chewy, fruity centre encased in a ..
Variety Mix
Swizzel Matlow Variety Mix - All your favourite Swizzel's mixed up together. There is a mix o..
Wham Mini Chew Bars
Assorted Wham Mini Chew Bars - Tongue-tingling mini chewy bars with fizzzzzzzzzzzzy bits!  A..

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Yorkshire Mixture
Yorkshire Mixture - An assortment of fruit flavour sweets in all shapes and sizes... you'll have ..
A Victorian Jar of Dolly Mixtures
Old Fashioned Sweet Jar: Dolly Mixtures - This beautifully shaped Victorian style sweet jar is fi..
A Victorian Jar of Strawberry Bonbons
A Victorian Sweet Jar of Strawberry Bonbons - This beautifully shaped Victorian style sweet ..
A mini Jar of Strawberry Bonbons
A Mini Glass Sweet Jar of Strawberry Bonbons - This contemporary mini glass jar of sweets is pack..