From ‘Sweet Memories’ to ‘The Sweetie Jar’

From ‘Sweet Memories’ to ‘The Sweetie Jar’

Do you remember going to your local sweet shop as a child, eyes like saucers, trying to decide what you should put in your little white paper bag? 

That was me, standing looking up at the shelves stacked with glass jars full of all sorts of sweets, a counter with rows and rows of sweets which was just the right height for me to see.  Choosing was tricky!  

Fast forward to me standing in a local shop with my two young boys, and the experience was somewhat different.  There were no jars of bonbons, cola cubes or liquorice torpedoes, no sherbet lemons, chocolate limes or cough candy, no coconut mushrooms, pear drops or chewing nuts, no counter displaying an array of sweets… white mice, porky pigs, candy sticks, …at least none of the sweet favourites that I remember.   Did ‘they’ even make them anymore?

That started me down a road… and….yes, ‘they’ did still make some of them?  Surely I wasn’t the only person who had an old sweet favourite (mine was Lemon Bonbons, by the way).  And everyone I talked to had their own favourite sweet too! It seemed that I wasn’t the only person with a nostalgic attachment to their sweet tooth!

So I started The Sweetie Jar as a way for other people, like me, to recreate some of their favourite childhood memories.  I hope you find your favourite!

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