Sweet Hampers

Indulge your love of liquorice with this unique Liquorice Sweets Cube.  Inside this clear plastic box are 8...
A superb, wooden treasure chest with a liquorice sweet selection that any lover of liquorice sweets would simply...
Filled with all sorts of old fashioned retro sweets you’ll remember, this Retro Sweets Cube makes the perfect...
Crammed with a range of favourite retro sweets, this unique box of sweets is the perfect present for...
An old fashioned sweet mix full of sweets everyone fondly remembers from childhood in a superb, high-quality handmade...
A mix of all those old fashioned childhood sweets everyone remembers in a superb, high-quality handmade wicker hamper!This...
24 different sweet selections are inside this pale wooden chest of Sweet Treasures!  With all those old fashioned...
With a selection of 18 different sweets inside, this pale wooden chest of Sweet Treasures will have everyone...
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