‘Old’ Sweet Favourites

‘Old’ Sweet Favourites

More often than not, ‘Old’ sweet favourites are now called ‘Retro Sweets’, ‘Traditional Sweets’ or ‘Old Fashioned Sweets’… to me they’re just the ones I remember from my childhood (and I’m not that old!).

Here’s our top 20… or rather our customers’ top 20 favourites!:

  1. Flying Saucers
  2. Fruit Salad chews
  3. Black Jack chews
  4. Jelly Babies
  5. Milk Teeth
  6. Liquorice Cream Rock
  7. Drumstick chewy lollies
  8. Shrimps
  9. Liquorice Torpedoes
  10. Fizzy Cola Bottles
  11. Kola Cubes
  12. Refreshers Chews
  13. Pear Drops
  14. Giant Strawberries
  15. Jelly Spogs
  16. Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles
  17. Cola Bottles
  18. Rhubarb & Custard
  19. Lion Midget Gems
  20. ABC Letters

What would your Top 20 look like?

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