Strawberry flavour

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Fruity Pops Lollies
Fruity Pops Lollies - An assortment of brightly wrapped fruit flavoured lollipops.  ..
Giant Strawberries
Giant Strawberries - Large, juicy strawberry flavoured jelly gums in the shape of… gues..
Jelly Babies
Jelly Babies - The yummy jelly sweets that look like little babies! Jelly Babies come in..
Jelly Tots
Rowntree's Jelly Tots - Little jelly domes with a sugar coating. They're made with 25% fruit..
Liquorice Assortment
Liquorice Assortment - Liquorice & assorted fruit flavoured boiled sweets. For those..
Liquorice Flowers
Liquorice Flowers - An assortment of fruit and chocolate flavour fondant wrapped in a layer of li..
Liquorice Stripes - Strawberry
Strawberry Liquorice Stripes - A delicious combination of strawberry flavour fondant and liquoric..

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Midget Gems
Midget Gums - Chewy, juicy little gums in different fruit flavours. If you're looking fo..
Milk Teeth
Barratts Milk Teeth - Remember these?  They're back!  Chewy vanilla and strawberry ..
Millions Strawberry Tubes
Strawberry Millions Tubes - The tiny tasty strawberry chewy sweets in a tube.  Each tube con..
Mini Me Chew Bars
Mini Me Assorted Chew Bars - All the favourite chew bars mixed up together... and miniature sized..
Multi Coloured Pencils - mini ones!
Mini Multi Coloured Pencils - Soft and chewy bite-size multi coloured pieces, with a fondant cent..